Lagrange Point

by jimsey

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A Lagrangian point is a strange gravitational anomaly that allows for objects to kind of 'hang in space' about the Earth. At some of the points, the object can orbit the sun along with the Earth in the same path, yet never collide with it. At the others the object must orbit an unseen point, known only to mathmatics. Man has and is sending various telescopes and probes to these peaceful and distant locations.

Thinking about these points inspired the concept of this album. I imagined my tracks telling the story of one of these probes as it made an imaginary journey around the Lagrangian points. I wanted a strong electronic sound and I wanted the journey to be enjoyable.

SunVox itself was really the inception of this idea. I wanted a loose connection with the solar theme and I wanted to tie it together somehow, rather than be just a collection of tracks.

The cover, I think, reflects this. It is a photo I took of an 'exploded' formula one car. Like the objects at a Lagrangian point, the parts of metal that make up the car are also floating in space, suspended by tiny wires. I also like to think of the techno sound of the music as being somewhat metallic too.

The album itself did not quite end up in the order the tracks were written. I have changed the order slightly to try to make it at bit more of a quiet-loud-quiet flow.

I was originally aiming for a minimal techno sound, and several of the tracks here do get close. Immelmann is definitely the closest to what I originally wanted. However, the sound of SunVox is so beautifully pure that it is almost irresistible to play notes!

This whole album is now a pay-what-you-want download in whatever high-quality format you like thanks to the superb bandcamp site...

It really is 100% SunVox on an Android tablet. Samples are used for sure, but nothing is added outside of SunVox. The mastering is done with Ozone in Ableton Live.

I want to thank the author of SunVox (NightRadio) for producing a quite incredible piece of music software and I also want to thank everyone on soundcloud who has listened and encouraged me to continue producing. The SunVox group is a fantastic community and I will remain a part of it!

Thanks for reading and listening!

See you in the group...


released July 3, 2014



all rights reserved


jimsey UK

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